Top 10 Movies Of All Time

Are you looking for a perfect movie for a rainy afternoon? No matter what your taste in movies is, we bring you some of the ever-lasting classics that everyone has at least heard of. If you want you can re-watch them, they are that amazing!


This amazing world is truly inspiring, and this movie makes us wonder and question our humanity. If you want a colorful movie that you can think immensely about at the same time, this is it! Itis also one of the highest grossing movies ever, and it is easy to understand why.


Another classic, but also an amazing story that was based on real events. Titanic is a great movie for all those who are into romance, drama and of course epic movies. This amazing movie will blow you away each time you see it!

Lord Of The Rings

For those who are into fantasy movies, but also epic movies, this movie will hit your soft spot. You can also watch the trilogy all at once, and it will guarantee hours of fun. It means that your weekend in will be a weekend full of eventful stories that you will enjoy.

Harry Potter

Another amazing idea for a fantasy movie that will guarantee hours of fun is most definitely the Harry Potter trilogy. This amazing movie is based on popular books written by J.K. Rowling, and you will enjoy it just as much.

The Shawshank Redemption

If you want a movie that will entice your thoughts, this one is the right one for you. The Shawshank Redemption is truly a contemplative movie that will allow you to think about right and wrong and relive a true adventure together with actors.

The Godfather

An epic movie about mafia that will guarantee hours of fun.

Schindler’s List

For those who are into history, this movie is a must. Events are taking place during the WWII, and you will cry, so get your box of tissues out.

Raging Bull

This amazing movie is just a showcase of all the things that the lead actor can do, no wonder he is the Hollywood giant.


An amazing move, and a classic that many people go back to on a regular basis.

Gone With The Wind

Another classic you must not miss out on seeing at least once a year.